PowerCapes Review

This week we had a chance to try out a nifty handmade item from PowerCapes.com. It was a bright, shiny orange cape with a big blue star. My 5-year-old was instantly eager to try it on, so I through it around his neck and easily secured it with the velcro fastener. And voila! We normally like to set up for nicer pictures (I'm also still learning to work my new camera) but here is a look at our impromptu try-out taken right after opening our package.

My 5-year-old really enjoyed playing the superhero and even wanted to wear his cape to school. That's a success in my book!

Now, if you're an adult who likes to dress up for Halloween (I sure do) and you want a cape of your own, don't despair. PowerCapes also makes capes in adult sizes. Most of the designs are under $25. You can choose from 11 cape colors and more than 29 emblem colors and 8 emblem designs. PowerCapes.com also has custom tutu options for all of the little princesses.

In my opinion, the capes leave lots of room for improvisation and I can envision them being part of lots of different costumes. But this is also the kind of thing that would be great for birthday parties as well. I've been known to let my little one wear a crown for his birthday celebrations, so why not a cape instead?!


Englewood Pre School said...

Love the PowerCapes design. I have my own capes too for this Halloween.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping in, Englewood! I really enjoy the simplicity of the capes because they're so versatile.

englewood daycare said...

Thanks for sharing, beautiful designs of PowerCapes.

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