Beyonce Lends "Shine" to Wubbzy

This is a great time to be a toddler, isn't it? The powers-that-be apparently believe preschool kids are one hot demographic. Cool toddler gear is being churned out at a dizzying pace and it's becoming harder and harder to keep track of all the stars visiting the hippest children's television shows. From April 27th to April 30th, pop singer Beyonce Knowles will be a special guest on Nick Jr's Wow Wow Wubbzy. She will be the voice of the lead singer of the Wubb Girlz, an all-girl band. Then, on May 1st, Beyonce will return in the role for the hour-long “Wubb Idol”! Check your local listings for exact times.

Here's a quick sneak preview of Beyonce rocking Wuzzleburg with her original tune, "Sing a Song":

Where the Wild Things Are

If you have a little one who loves to read (or be read to), chances are you already own Maurice Sendak's classic "Where The Wild Things Are" in book form. Well, soon it will be a feature film directed by Spike Jonze and produced by Tom Hanks. The cast includes Catherine Keener, Max Records, James Gandolfini, Forest Whitaker, Lauren Ambrose, and Mark Ruffalo. Like the children's book, the movie tells the story of Max, a little boy who creates his own world, including a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures.

The release has been pushed back a couple of times, but the current date is October 16, 2009. The trailer makes me think it might be worth the wait.

Product Spotlight & Contest: Shea Bella

-by RedeemedSpirit

I want to share with you a wonderful product for babies and mommies that will moisturize your babies skin, hair and even work on those stretch marks that you might have post-partum!

Can motherhood be simplified and the formula put in a jar?

I wish…but Shea Bella Baby Butter comes pretty close by serving as an all in one moisturizing product for your baby. Shea Bella is wonderful in preserving the softness of your baby’s skin. In addition, Shea Bella moisturizes baby’s hair after bath and serves as the perfect daily head-dress. All curly haired babies’ moms will rejoice that there is finally a natural product that will soften and define their little one’s curls while allowing the comb to get through easily. In addition, Shea Bella is excellent in healing cradle cap. Shea Bella is also successful in healing diaper rash and can be used on baby’s bottom after each changing instead of petroleum jelly. Shea Bella also serves as a soothing after sun ointment on a hot summer day.

A wise woman once said “You shouldn’t put any products on your body or in your hair that you would not also eat”. Hard to do…but when it comes to your baby…that adage rings true. Shea Bella Baby Butter is made from all natural, organic ingredients that are also technically edible. I wouldn’t recommend actually eating Shea Bella but it’s nice to know that you are putting a product on your baby (or yourself) that gentle, safe and has no added fragrances. As many of you know, recent news has reported that many common baby lotions and other products contain phthalates (say that 3 times!) that have proven harmful to babies. Feel confident in knowing that Shea Bella is "phthalate-free" as is just as pure as your love for your little one!

And don’t forget Mom! Shea Bella is a wonderful tummy butter for stretch marks and other interesting dermatological things what we mom’s go through in pregnancy and post-partum.
I created this product soon after my daughter (Laila) was born. She had a horrible case of cradle cap and also began to have diaper rash after she began day care. I found that the mainstream products that I was using did not work on her. When I created Shea Bella by just mixing some ingredients in my kitchen, I found that I had an all in 1 product that served all of her skin and hair needs.

I have free 2 oz. samples for the first 7 mommies that contact me. There is no catch in receiving this product. The only thing I ask is that you email me after you use Shea Bella and provide me with feedback on whether you like it…whether you don’t like it…and what can be done to improve it. I would like to use positive feedback as testimonials in my ebay store. I also ask that you please spread the word about Shea Bella.
I will be setting up an ebay store after I receive enough feedback so please email me at

The Presidential Pooch

President Obama has fulfilled the campaign promise he made to his daughters Sasha and Malia. The girls are now the proud owners of a puppy who will move into the White House today. The lucky pooch is a six-month-old Portuguese water dog the Obamas have named "Bo". Find out more here

Throwback Thursday: Pinball Number Count

-by Erica
"1-2-3-4-5, 6-7-8-9-10, 11-12!"
When I was a child, the Pinball Number Count was my favorite cartoon skit on Sesame Street. I just didn't understand why the show couldn't run it every single day. Now, thanks to the internet I can share it with my little one who seems just as mesmerized as I was at his age. But, I only recently discovered it was sung by the Pointer Sisters! So here it is from the flashback vault, Pinball Number Count:

Debut: 1976 on Sesame Street
Produced in San Francisco for the Children's Television Workshop
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