Keeping Your Cat Busy When You're Not Around

Many people think cats don't need much play and interaction.  Those people are WRONG.  If you're a fan of the popular Animal Planet show "My Cat From Hell", you know that lack of stimulation is behind many cases of frustration and misplaced aggression.  Once those owners start to ensure a certain amount of play for their animals, the issues usually improve.   

So, let's switch gears to talk about a furry member of our family who doesn't get mentioned as much as everyone else here on my blog.  I'm talking about our cat, Irving.  He's had a great time with us this summer.  And since he needs a lot of play and stimulation, we've tried to include him in as many activities as possible.  But with fall on the horizon, things will change.  Kids will be going back to school, and parents will be focusing more on work.   So here are some of the products we've either been using or plan to purchase to keep the kitty active when we're not around.   

Check out Toys to Keep Your Cat Busy This Fall
by EricaThompsonBriggs at Mode

What do you think?  Does your family pet have favorite toys?  

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