Tuning In: Tiny & Toya

The hit BET show Tiny & Toya returns to the air tomorrow night for a second season. As many of you already know, the show focuses on two women attempting to live their own lives in the shadow of their children's fathers- namely, rap superstars T.I. and Lil Wayne.

Want more information on what Tiny and Toya have been up to? Click here. So, what do you think? Will you be watching?


Unknown said...

Please say this was a sponsored tweet. Though, keeping in subject w/ the blog, I wonder what Toya considers a family since Wayne has all those chillun. Is she the nuclear family type or extended?

Unknown said...

LOL! Wish I knew. I was not paid any fee to write this post. (Those posts will always say "Sponsored".) I don't watch the show myself, but it seems like something a lot of people are talking about. :)

Tiffany said...

I try to make to avoid this show at all costs. I don't want to even look at the commercials. I can't even understand what Tiny is saying have the time and am dumbfoundedabout her completely.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

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