Pie, Oh My!

I love to bake and my family loves pies. It's a match made in culinary heaven. The thing about us is that we don't just eat pie in the cooler months. We love it year 'round. But we can be picky about the kinds of pies we eat and we definitely have our favorites. -The ones that really hit the spot, in our opinions, are the southern-inspired pies full of down-home goodness.

So in celebration of Pi Day on March 14 I would like to introduce you to my Down Home Dirty Dozen - the 12 pies that I will be trying out in the next year, courtesy of my new board on Foodie.com. Many of the pies included are inspired by my childhood in the deep South and by modern interpretations of old favorites. Take a look and let me know what you think! The delicious post is sponsored by Foodie, but as always all opinions are strictly my own.
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