Vintage Baby

- by Shawn

Are you a diehard DIY’er, crafter, or just one always looking for something “different”? If you are, then have you ever considered being a "Vintage Mom"? There has a big trend going towards vintage and why should we limit vintage to everything but our babies/kids. The easiest choice would be to have a “Vintage Baby”. As we all know kids begin to decide what they like and dislike once they are out of the cribs. They know exactly what character is going to be displayed in their room, so take advantage of being a “Vintage Mom”.

There are so many finds in yard sales, consignment shops, thrift stores, and plain old hand me downs. I know that for most of us we want everything new with our new baby, including myself! The main thing you have to remember is to think outside of the box. So, actually not only do you have something new, but something unique for your new bundle of joy!
Giving you tips of what to repurpose are look for would defeat the purpose because this is supposed to be as unique as YOU want it to be. One suggestion I do have for you is to check Etsy out for vintage finds as well as vintage inspired things that you are thinking of but cannot find.

The only caveat I will give you is to remember anything you purchase or “score” that is vintage may be painted with lead paint, so make sure you strip, sand and repaint the piece. If it is a crib, make sure it also meets the following guidelines. The crib is at least 26 inches between raised crib rails and the top of the crib mattress. The crib is at least 9 inches between lowered crib rails and the top of the crib mattress. You also need to make sure slats are less than or equal or to 2 and 3/8 inches apart. Last but not least, please make sure no matter if you have a vintage baby or not, to use a new mattress for every baby as studies have shown that there is an increase in SIDS with used mattresses.
I know many of you think this is a lot of work and it won’t be for everyone, but for those who have some nostalgia in their hearts and some “gumption” to take on the task it should be an interesting adventure and bet everyone will love it even though they would not be willing to take on the task!

So, consider having a “Vintage Baby”.

Is THIS the New Dora?

As much as we may want our children to stay small, they do eventually grow up. That's the idea behind a big change in a popular Nickelodeon character. As the picture up-top shows, Dora the Explorer is lengthening out and dressing more like a pre-teen. Gone is the signature backpack. Nickelodeon is calling this the 10-year-old version of Dora. But here's the hitch: Dora's new image will be used for dolls sold in the Dora Explorer Girls collection. Her image on the TV show will remain the same. Still some parents don't like the new look and feel Dora is growing up too fast. Is the change too much for long-time fans? We'll have to wait and see. The new merchandise will be available in October.

We're Standing up and Walking for Babies Everywhere!

-by BeautifullyBlessed

The spirit of Change is in the air! Sometimes the smallest change can bring about the biggest shift in one's perspective. In 2009, we decided to be part of the change by standing up and walking for the health of babies everywhere!

So many of us know the pain that goes along with having a pre-mature baby, a miscarriage or a stillborn child. I definitely know first hand how devastating that type of loss can be.

In memory of Alexandria (the daughter I lost in 2006) and in honor of Laila (the 1 year-old beautiful blessing who is my daughter), we are walking on April 26th on the Washington Monument Grounds!

Many of you have been so generous by giving donations for this cause. Because of this, we have met the goal we set of $500. Since this is such a great cause, I ask that you please donate to the March of Dimes on behalf of the Sorrell Team so that we may surpass our goal and contribute more Change to help with the health of babies everywhere! Our website is

The March of Dimes uses your money wisely: 77% of every dollar supports research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And your funds are used to bring comfort and information to families whose baby was born too soon, or sick. With your help we can do more!

Thank you so much!

Deidra Sorrell

Mommy Crushes: Wow, Who Knew?

We are amused and shocked by the confessions of moms who, apparently, watch WAY too much television. We're not saying that we haven't succumbed to a slight TV crush from time-to-time, but who knew that children's television was entertaining mothers to this degree? Take a look at's article on the 10 Most Crushworthy Children's Show Hosts.
Not for nothing, but we think they should have included the brother from the Let's Go Show on Sprout:

Home Schooling Experience

- by Shawn
This school year, I thought I would try the ultimate unmanageable (so I thought) thing that I would ever attempt to do in life. I decided that I would pull my daughter out of the private school she attended since she was in Pre Kindergarten through fifth grade. I decided that because she was in such a small school and being pampered, which is not a bad thing in general but I think it hindered her learning ability. Though she started school when she was four years old, my son who is four years older than she started Pre Kindergarten when she was only three months old, not to mention we belonged to the church, so she was everyone’s baby. So, of course she was spoiled rotten by everyone in the school, even the “newer” teachers. I was thankful that she was an environment where she was loved when I was in a near fatal accident, but my daughter was no longer pushed to her ability and when she returned home, she thought she had to care for her mommie. My daughter was suffering almost as much as I was and I knew that I had to find something that would help her reach her full potential, she was no longer motivated. Now, I am certainly not saying that she was not in a good school, but at eleven years old, in the sixth grade she needed to be pushed, she had lost her independence and I could not imagine her growing up not being an independent young woman doubting herself.

I began to research to figure out what would be the best for my child as we all have to remember that each child is different and learn differently. I looked into everything I could imagine and home schooling kept coming up, though I was very afraid I decided to take the plunge. In the beginning it was quite different, but as she (we) became more accustomed to doing her work on her own and I would only watch her figure out the answers and expect her to try accomplish all that was put before her to the best of her ability. Now, with that being said, I am not saying I did not teach her the lesson, but once it was taught she was encouraged to figure out the answer on her own, look back at her notes are her text book because she was capable. I wanted her to learn that she could accomplish anything that she could imagine and more!

One of the major concerns of parents is the socialization of the child. As a parent who is homeschooling, I too, had to do my own homework. I found things that were of interest to her as well as things she had never been exposed to and she met tons of new friends. She continues to sing in a city wide choir where she excels. She has taken home school classes at the zoo. She has been able to enjoy numerous art exhibits; she has even worked in an Urban Farm. She now knows about composting and planting gardens and the importance they have in our community. She has taken “risks” that I believe she would have never taken before though she has always been a dare devil but she now has more confidence and independence in her life.
This summer she plans to take a course at Agnes Scott that she had always been a bit ambivalent about before Home Schooling.

All I can say is that it is a huge commitment and after coaching one child I do not know how teachers who care can really accomplish all that they do because it is not an easy job with one child. We only have a few months left this school year and I have decided we will continue through Middle School and she will return to Catholic High School. I have no doubt that she will be able to accomplish as much or more than the kids. She is gaining so many life lessons along with academics.

Home schooling is not for everyone. I believe each person should research what kind of commitment they can give their child as well exactly who your child is, in addition to what advantages your child will have by homeschooling. I did meet a woman who was home schooling her kids and when they were tested they were all behind. The mother admitted she did not like it all and she did not do any extracurricular activities with her children. As she said, she just “winged it”.

I just really want to press upon anyone considering home schooling that they need to realize that it is a huge commitment and it is not about just sitting at home. It is a lot of hard work involved. If it something you are considering talk to as many parents who are home schooling as you possibly can. You can always feel free to contact me. However, I will reiterate to you that it is tough and rewarding at the same time. So, remember, if it is something you are considering it will be a huge impact on your child’s life and you will be the person responsible for the experience being positive or negative, so think long and hard about it. Your child’s education will be in your hands. As we all know a child’s education is the most important gift you will ever give her.

Strides for Autism Walk

--by cypriotwife

It's that time of year! The Strides For Autism Walk will be held on May 23rd in Columbia, SC at Finlay Park. I started a team in honor of my son Tony last year. Our team raised over $1000. The economy is very rough right now and donations are down everywhere. You DO NOT have to donate money to show support. You can "stride in spirit" which means that you support our team by joining through the website or joining us for the walk. Please note that all money raised from our team goes to The South Carolina Autism Society. Facts about the South Carolina Autism Society can be found on their website. Click on the link below to go to my team page in honor of my son Tony. *A special thank you goes out to my W.J. Keenan High School classmates, parents of Kathwood Baptist Church preschool, and AAB members for their continued support.* I hope to see you all at the walk this year. I will send a reminder closer to the date. (pics from last year's walk are located in one of my albums on facebook)

Link to team page:

How Cool Is That? iPod Bouncer

We keep stumbling on products we wish had been out, say, 2 or 3 years ago. But that doesn't mean we can't pass these items on to new parents. Take a look at the Combi iPod Bouncer:

It takes the everyday bouncer we used to use to a whole new level. It comes with a wooden toy bar, hammock style seat and a collapsible canopy. But the best part is that it has a built-in sound and vibration unit that plugs right into your iPod. That means your little munchkin can rock and bounce along to your customized music.

More details at
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