Is Your Child Active Enough?

by MrsCCM

I think many times we forget that our children have physical activity needs just as we do. Are we being good role models? I know some times I am not the best role model and others I am a great role model for my kids. So, to make sure kids get the proper activity I think we should consider the CDC’s guidelines which are particularly not difficult to follow.
First of all we need to make sure our kids are getting enough physical activity. Kids should have sixty minutes or more of physical activity daily. Simple things such as walking, running, riding bike, you know the things we used to do before the video games came around. Make sure three days a week it is vigorous activity such as walking. How about a game of hide and go seek? You remember the games we played outside, I have found once I introduced them to my kids they absolutely loved it. Remember you can do these things with your kids and get in your physical activity in as well.

We also need to consider muscle strengthening activities. Things such as gymnastics, and push ups are good options to strengthen muscles. I am sure you can think of many more activities such as those to help strengthen your child’s muscles. These should be done at least 3 days a week for 60 minutes or more.

Finally, we need to include bone strengthening activities. These activities should also be done 3 times a week for at least 60 minutes. Jumping rope and running are good examples.
If you noticed a lot of things overlap and easily can be a part of child’s daily life. Kids and adolescents have to meet the same guidelines, but they are going to of course be approached differently. Make sure you provide things that will encourage your child to play with things that encourage activity. Does your child have a bike, balls, skates or rollerblades and things such as those? You can get out ride your bike with your kids. Many places are incorporating walking trails in there communities, we should be taking advantage of those. The latest and greatest is Wii Fit, kids just think it is fun and don’t even think about the exercise, so it may be something you want to invest in for your family. We need to make these family efforts and start doing “old school” activities with our children.

The best gift we can give our kids is a healthy life. Too many kids are obese, have adult onset diabetes due to weight, and are being teased which ruins their self esteem and we need to help do our part in solving this problem. It is easy for us to get out motivate our kids to be active. Remember we are ALWAYS our child’s first and best teacher he will ever have.

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Caring for Our Babies Beautiful Hair

-by MrsCCM

We are always in search for the “right” thing to do for our child’s hair. I spoke to Tanya Murphy of B’yond Natural who offered tips for caring for our children’s hair. Please visit her website at

Tanya stressed the most important thing we can do for our child’s hair is to “Keep It Simple”! The only we should be doing for a child under the age of three is cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing. She also noted don’ts for their hair care are: no rubber bands, no tight braids, do not add extra hair. Their hair should always be worn naturally. All of the don’ts could cause traction alopecia. Children’s hair can be co-washed just as adults. Sometimes just conditioning and not shampooing is a good way to care for our child’s hair.

After the age of three, our goal to care for our child’s hair is to relax the curl versus getting the hair bone straight. Tanya offered tips for caring for their hair. We should make sure our child has a proper diet and drinking ten to twelve ounces of water daily which should increase to forty to sixty ounces by twelve years old along with a multivitamin. We can blow out our child’s hair and use and irons over 410 degrees are too hot.

Other tips Tanya offered were just as simple as those offered above. She states that remember never to handle natural hair dry and jojoba oil is the best moisturizer for hair as it a liquid wax which is closest to the sebum of hair and has no build up. We should always remember there should never be pain in handling hair, if there is pain, the technique of handling the hair should be changed. Most of all no child’s hair should be relaxed before twelve years old. A wonderful protective style are braids. However, remember, no tight braids as the will break your child's hair.

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Help A Child This Summer With Fresh Air

At this time of the year, many children are enjoying the remnants of Summer vacation or Summer camp. Those little ones return with stories of the people, places, and adventures they encounter while they were away. But not all children are as lucky. Without help from other compassionate families they may never get the chance to get away, expand their minds or see things outside their usual day-to-day existence. If you've ever wondered what you can do to help children- besides your own- becoming a Fresh Air host could give you the chance to make a big impact in a short amount of time. The Fresh Air fund is looking for families to open their homes for two weeks THIS SUMMER to a child in the program.

Just last year, the Fresh Air Fund's Volunteer Host Family program gave Summer vacations to nearly 5,000 New York City boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18. The group was able to accomplish this feat for one reason: Volunteer families in 13 Northeastern states and Canada were generous enough to share their experiences in the country and the suburbs. If you're interested in getting more details, click HERE. Here is a very short PSA (with Former NFL star Tiki Barber) with more information:

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