Mod Squad: Dwell Studio Backpacks On Sale

Still haven't found that special backpack for your little one? Is your superstar SO over superheros and cartoon characters? We just spotted three very modern Dwell Studio backpacks and the first two are ON SALE. All three come in coated canvas and bright patterns with numerous pockets, a zipper closure, and adjustable straps.

Transportation Backpack

was $66
now $52.99

Chocolate Dots Backpack

was $66
now $52.99

Gio Lemon Backpack

price $66


Yakini said...

Those are some cute backpacks. Geez, backpacks have come a long way from when i was a kid. So fancy now! :-)

Oh boy, do i remember the excitement/exhilaration i used to feel when it was time to shop for school supplies. Picking out a new trapper keeper, lunch box, box of crayons, pencil box, markers, etc etc. Aaah, good times!

~Yakini @ The Prissy Mommy Chronicles

Unknown said...

Oh I like those backpacks. Thanks for sharing, I will have to show them to my daughter.

Here from TwitterMamas under 100 group.

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