Bumbo Recall

If you haven't heard by now, the maker of the popular Bumbo Baby Seat is voluntarily recalling 4 million of the seats. The company says anyone with the recalled Bumbo should stop using it immediately and call them for new warnings and a restraint belt. (The picture in the top left corner shows the seat with the restraint belt.) Apparently, some parents were using the seat in the wrong way or on raised surfaces, leaving infants open to a risk of falling and serious injuries. Read more details about the recall here. We had a Bumbo for our little one and we thoroughly enjoyed it as it allowed him to sit up and be "part of the group." But it was always clear that you could never leave kids in it unattended or on a tall surface. It was a GREAT tool when used with an abundance of caution. Here's a picture we snapped after we had just finished feeding cereal to our munchkin in the chair - forgive the messy face and hands!:
Again, you don't have to return the Bumbo. Just contact the manufacturer for the repair kit. The Shopping Mama even has some great tips about alternative infant seats. Stay safe!
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