Polka Dots and Pixies

- by Brittiny

While planning weddings brought me much national success, my passion for it began to wain. After both of my sisters became pregnant, I decided I wanted to "have" a new project as well and my brain child that I have been thinking of for a while, Polka Dots & Pixies was born. Polka Dots & Pixies was created with my favorite things in mind.... fluffy, girlie items that are ".... so fluffy I could die!!!!" My twirling diva daughter,Heidi, is the inspiration behind each tutu creation. Each layer of tulle is hand selected and applied and last but not least diva tested and approved by Heidi. Our elegantly knotted tutus are perfect for portraits, flower girl ensembles, birthday parties, flower girl gifts, and our most recent request: rocker prom skirts with chucks. We can also use the tulle from your wedding as a spectacular heirloom for your daughter.

My rough and tough boys are the inspiration behind the paperie. They love art projects and are constantly asking me to create things for them, or forcing me to write their teachers notes of apology, and being the diva that I am, these notes MUST come on gorgeous stationary. The paperie evokes the elegance of years gone by with pricing that reflects the nation's current economic situation.

My family and life inspire me each day. My blue engagement ring reminds me of the whimsy that each item should have. My crazy, wild boys remind me that everything should be sturdy yet elegant and of course my daughter reminds me to twirl and feel the wind in my hair.

I hope that you are inspired by all of my pieces as well. Our grand opening prices are $12.00 for a custom designer tutu and headband in any color and size, and we can also make custom tags for your wishing tree, favors and more.

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All tutu pictures courtesy of www.illustriousimages1.com (Thanks Tara and Emmanuel!)

Will.i.am on Sesame Street

I love to see celebrities on Sesame Street. It could be my imagination, but being in the midst of puppets and music seems to make almost every guest appear childlike. Here is Will.i.am singing "What I Am" in Sesame Street's 41st season.

Mom Jeans

We've been talking a lot about children's clothing recently. But what about clothes for mommies? Do any of the mothers out there get concerned about falling off the fashion chart? I will step up to say that I do. When I hear someone joking about "mom jeans" I usually laugh right along because I assume that I don't wear them. But over the weekend, it hit me: "What if I do wear them and I don't know?" After all, I have no idea what they would look like and I'm years behind in finding out, so there was at least a slim chance that I might be sporting these obviously offensive garments without my knowledge. And that would be horrible. So like any modern mom, I hit up Google images to make 100% sure I owned nothing resembling such rags. What I found was a hilarious Saturday Night Live video from a couple of years ago which featured a "new" product called Mom Jeans. Please enjoy.

Mom Jeans - watch more funny videos
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