Tuck In The Kids, Turn On Mo'nique

This Fall, mommies and daddies will have a new way to unwind at the end of the night. That's because actress/comedienne Mo'Nique is hitting the airwaves with yet another project. This time it's her very own late-night program airing every weeknight. The Mo'nique Show premieres one week from today (that's Monday, October 5th) on BET. She promises lots of laughs, celebrity guests and musical performances.

Here's a taste of what viewers can expect:

And you can click below for more about the show, and its lineup:

Fall Shoes: See Kai Run

Just in time for Fall, See Kai Run is rolling out several new styles for babies, older kids and everyone in between. For the first two years of his life, my little one wore almost nothing but SKRs because we liked the sturdiness and the craftmanship. Here's just a sampling of what See Kai Run is offering this season in butter soft leather and suede:

To see more, visit See Kai Run online. In addition to showing off new designs, the shoe store is also having a nice sale on older styles.

Find of the Day: Little Boy Lounge Pants

I love the Fall. It's absolutely my favorite season. But the transition from Summer can make it difficult to know exactly how to dress your little boy, since the only choices are shorts or pants. We find ourselves asking each morning "What's the temperature doing?" But don't fret. When shorts aren't enough send in the lounge pants (NOT pajama pants, mind you), especially since they're being sold for a song this time of the year. Here are some really great handmade buys on Etsy right now.

By JaEmArt

By BCreativedesigns

By Layetteonmebaby

By Tikitales

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Good Stars

"Good stars!" My dad used to say that every now and then. How we miss those old sayings when our parents pass on.

Today's image was provided this week by the Hubble Space Telescope. It shows stars bursting to life from the chaos of the Carina Nebula. Pictures like this remind us all that so much of nature is beyond our control - and our reach. Is it any wonder our children seem to appreciate the sun, moon, and stars more than we do?
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