Ziggy Marley Doubles The Fun

We like to think we're on the cutting edge of music that parents and kids can truly enjoy together. We've done it all- indie, kindie, kid hop, toddler rock, you name it. But we're actually behind on Ziggy Marley's latest creations. Months ago, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that the four-time Grammy winner was working on his first children's album. Since then, he has released a second album for the tykes.

Family Time
is a very lively recording of sing-alongs, narrated stories, and kid-friendly jams. Children 10 and under will love it. It also features appearances by musicians Jack Johnson, Willie Nelson, Toots Hibbert, and Paul Simon.

Ziggy released the second album B Is for Bob
last month. It's a re-imagining of several of his father's (Bob Marley's) classic tunes. The material was arranged to be geared for little ones, but with just enough pluck for adults.

Here's Ziggy Marley at this year's Easter Egg Roll at the White House:


BlackandMarriedWithKids.com said...

I've got the B is for Bob CD. It's good and basically regular Bob Marley songs just switched up a bit. I thought it would be some real kiddie stuff but I pump it in the car during my commute all of the time LOL.

African-American Brides said...

haha! I totally understand. I always find myself listening to the Kai-pod when he's not even in the car. ;)


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