We're Standing up and Walking for Babies Everywhere!

-by BeautifullyBlessed

The spirit of Change is in the air! Sometimes the smallest change can bring about the biggest shift in one's perspective. In 2009, we decided to be part of the change by standing up and walking for the health of babies everywhere!

So many of us know the pain that goes along with having a pre-mature baby, a miscarriage or a stillborn child. I definitely know first hand how devastating that type of loss can be.

In memory of Alexandria (the daughter I lost in 2006) and in honor of Laila (the 1 year-old beautiful blessing who is my daughter), we are walking on April 26th on the Washington Monument Grounds!

Many of you have been so generous by giving donations for this cause. Because of this, we have met the goal we set of $500. Since this is such a great cause, I ask that you please donate to the March of Dimes on behalf of the Sorrell Team so that we may surpass our goal and contribute more Change to help with the health of babies everywhere! Our website is http://www.marchforbabies.org/teams/631538

The March of Dimes uses your money wisely: 77% of every dollar supports research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And your funds are used to bring comfort and information to families whose baby was born too soon, or sick. With your help we can do more!

Thank you so much!

Deidra Sorrell


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