Vintage Baby

- by Shawn

Are you a diehard DIY’er, crafter, or just one always looking for something “different”? If you are, then have you ever considered being a "Vintage Mom"? There has a big trend going towards vintage and why should we limit vintage to everything but our babies/kids. The easiest choice would be to have a “Vintage Baby”. As we all know kids begin to decide what they like and dislike once they are out of the cribs. They know exactly what character is going to be displayed in their room, so take advantage of being a “Vintage Mom”.

There are so many finds in yard sales, consignment shops, thrift stores, and plain old hand me downs. I know that for most of us we want everything new with our new baby, including myself! The main thing you have to remember is to think outside of the box. So, actually not only do you have something new, but something unique for your new bundle of joy!
Giving you tips of what to repurpose are look for would defeat the purpose because this is supposed to be as unique as YOU want it to be. One suggestion I do have for you is to check Etsy out for vintage finds as well as vintage inspired things that you are thinking of but cannot find.

The only caveat I will give you is to remember anything you purchase or “score” that is vintage may be painted with lead paint, so make sure you strip, sand and repaint the piece. If it is a crib, make sure it also meets the following guidelines. The crib is at least 26 inches between raised crib rails and the top of the crib mattress. The crib is at least 9 inches between lowered crib rails and the top of the crib mattress. You also need to make sure slats are less than or equal or to 2 and 3/8 inches apart. Last but not least, please make sure no matter if you have a vintage baby or not, to use a new mattress for every baby as studies have shown that there is an increase in SIDS with used mattresses.
I know many of you think this is a lot of work and it won’t be for everyone, but for those who have some nostalgia in their hearts and some “gumption” to take on the task it should be an interesting adventure and bet everyone will love it even though they would not be willing to take on the task!

So, consider having a “Vintage Baby”.


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