Friday Flashback: Roosevelt's Alphabet

Who's old enough to remember Roosevelt Franklin from the earliest incarnation of Sesame Street? He was either really cute or controversial, depending on who you ask. But, as most people know, Sesame Street of the late sixties and early seventies did have bite. Here's Roosevelt Franklin doing the alphabet:


Yakini said...

LOL!!! Aww, me and my sibs were hardcore Sesame Street fans, but for some reason I don't remember Roosevelt Franklin. Then again I was pretty much an 80s baby so perhaps they had decided to "pull" that sketch by then.

~Yakini @ The Prissy Mommy Chronicles

teri said...

Oh no! I'm admitting my age, if I admit that I remember. :) I'm from Twitter Mamas. It's nice to "meet" you. I love the design of your blog.

African-American Brides said...

Hi, ladies! Thanks so much for stopping in. I'm coming over to check out your blogs, too. :)


The Adventures of Princess Zaria said...

My husband loves this!

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