Caring for Our Babies Beautiful Hair

-by MrsCCM

We are always in search for the “right” thing to do for our child’s hair. I spoke to Tanya Murphy of B’yond Natural who offered tips for caring for our children’s hair. Please visit her website at

Tanya stressed the most important thing we can do for our child’s hair is to “Keep It Simple”! The only we should be doing for a child under the age of three is cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing. She also noted don’ts for their hair care are: no rubber bands, no tight braids, do not add extra hair. Their hair should always be worn naturally. All of the don’ts could cause traction alopecia. Children’s hair can be co-washed just as adults. Sometimes just conditioning and not shampooing is a good way to care for our child’s hair.

After the age of three, our goal to care for our child’s hair is to relax the curl versus getting the hair bone straight. Tanya offered tips for caring for their hair. We should make sure our child has a proper diet and drinking ten to twelve ounces of water daily which should increase to forty to sixty ounces by twelve years old along with a multivitamin. We can blow out our child’s hair and use and irons over 410 degrees are too hot.

Other tips Tanya offered were just as simple as those offered above. She states that remember never to handle natural hair dry and jojoba oil is the best moisturizer for hair as it a liquid wax which is closest to the sebum of hair and has no build up. We should always remember there should never be pain in handling hair, if there is pain, the technique of handling the hair should be changed. Most of all no child’s hair should be relaxed before twelve years old. A wonderful protective style are braids. However, remember, no tight braids as the will break your child's hair.


Lamonica Epps said...

Very informative blog post. I never understood why people put weave in children's hair. I always thought it was wrong. Thanks for sharing.

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MrsCCM said...

You are very welcome. I thought it was important because we alway want to do the best for included.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

I will be bookmarking this web site.

African-American Brides said...

Love it, MrsCCM! ;)

MamaLuv42 said...

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Just thought I would share in case anyone was looking for this type of product.

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