Making the Holidays Truly Special for Little Ones

Think back to when you were a tiny tot. What do you remember most about the holidays? Psychologists say children mostly retain memories that appeal their senses. That means, you probably recall the sounds, smells and sights from your childhood holidays. What music was playing during Christmas season when you were a kid? What did your home smell like? What made your eyes light up?
Being just days away from Christmas, many parents rack their brains for ways to help their children enjoy the hustle and bustle. But the answers are already all around us. It may sound cliche, but supportive family and friends, great food, and a warm, inviting atmosphere are the keys to a wonderful Christmas. Everything else is just "wrapping". It really is.
How are you making the holidays special? How are you getting the children involved in any holiday preparations?


The Pretty Brown Girl said...

I'm carrying on a tradition that my parents did w/me and my sibs. We made cookies for "Santa" and then went out to the movies on Christmas Eve.

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