Dome Caps: Toppers for Tots

Tea Collection
Keep that head covered! Isn't that what our grandmothers used to say? And it turns out they were onto something. Science tells us that people lose a great deal of body heat through their heads. Fortunately there are lots of colorful ways for kool kiddies to keep covered this season.

Hong Hat & Mittens

Bill Hand Knit Cotton Hat

Old Navy
Shoes & Accessories: Girls Metallic Thread Sweater Knit Hat - Cyclamen

Fuzzy Leopard Beanie from Mulberribush

Knuckleheads Skate Cap

Small Paul Ear Flap Beanie

News Pub Hat

Zutano Stripe Fleece Hat

Scout Quilted Hat


Virginia Janet said...
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African-American Brides said...

So glad you enjoyed the post! We are always looking for knit goodies for our little one, too.


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