New Parents: Penny Pinching

Looking for ways to cut costs in this tough economy? It might be easier than you think.
Think about this: The U.S. government estimates that it will cost $269,520 to raise a kid born in 2004 to adulthood. But does that mean that's what it has to cost you? Maybe a whole lot of people are wasting a whole lot of money. A recent article on has some tips on getting the most for your buck and having some money to squirrel away. Some of our favorite tips for new parents are these:

Don't go hog wild on decorating a nursery. (Do you really need a diaper stacker?)
Buy your child's necessities in stages, not all at once.
Know when to NOT skimp.
Be sure to comparison-shop.
Make your own baby food.

You can read the whole article HERE.


Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

I love this. When I had my second son and decided to use the same nursery items I used for my first I got some looks. I figure he's not going to care or remember and I'm saving money I can use on better things, like gas :)

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