Getting Pregnant

- by Lyrik08

Have you heard that Nicole Kidman credits Australian Outback waterfalls for her recent pregnancy? If you haven't take a look at THIS.

It does seem interesting that she never thought she'd carry a child of her own and then all of a sudden she and 6 other women would all get pregnant at the same time after swimming in this water. I mean, what's the likelihood that 7 women would all "get busy" and all end up pregnant at the same time? I know they say when women spend a lot of time together their cycles can synchornize, but all get pregnant too?

I know many woman would laugh at this thought and some may even be offended by the mere thought that swimming in some waters could assist in infertility or anything non-medicinal for that matter. However, you can't deny that 7 women pregnant at the same time, in the same exact place, after doing the same exact thing sounds like more than a fleeting coincidence.

What about this -- My husband and I had not been trying to conceive. However for 3 years we were doing nothing to avoid it either. Nothing happened. We were at the point where we thought we might have to talk about fertility options. Around the same time I joined a weight loss program through my job and our leader often mentioned Quinoa (pronounced Keen-wa) as a lower fat/calorie option to rice and or pasta.

So, I went out and bought a box. I'll give anything a try once. I used Quinoa in everything, in my tuna, I prepared it with black beans and tomatoes, I even substituted it in all my rice dishes.

Several weeks later my leader comes in and mentioned Quinoa again in a few dishes she was preparing. She proceeds to mention that her now pregnant friend said that Quinoa has been thought aid in fertility. Imagine my shock when a few weeks later, I was pregnant. Guess what else, a few weeks after that, our leader was pregnant.

Now I'm not running around saying Quinoa helped me get pregnant, but you have to admit, three women all eating the same product around the same time all get pregnant could raise eyebrows? Coincidence? Possibly, but you have to admit, a very interesting coincidence.

So, do you believe that there are "healing" waters or that there are non-medicinal things that can assist you with getting pregnant if you're having trouble? Leave us a note and share your thoughts and findings.


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