Delayed Childbearing a Bad Idea?

Wow. Now this guy has really put his foot in it.

No, not that little guy up there.

This guy, here--->
We don't know whether he's right or wrong but a lot of people seem to feel he's overstepped his bounds. The short story is that Dr. Alan Singer is advising parents to tell their adult children not to put off having children. He says this "trend" of people marrying later has led to delayed childbearing, which has led to fertility problems, which has lead to more pre-term births and caesarian sections, or even infertility. There's more (MUCH more) on his website.

Our experience has been that people often put off child-bearing because, uh... they're not married yet, they can't afford it, or they feel they aren't emotionally ready. Still... does the good doctor have a point? Should newlyweds who want children get on the ball right after tying the knot? Tell us what you think in our comments section.


Soraya said...
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Soraya said...

While I don't fully agree with the doctor, he raises an interesting point that women/couples of childbearing age must acknowledge. A woman's fertility has time limits. It is a fact. Yet, fertility is not something that most young women think about. I know I did not and neither did most of my friends.

As a young Black woman, I grew up in the "girl power" era. I was encouraged to "have it all" - college/post-graduate degrees, successful careers, travel then...marriage and children. For most of us, by the time you finish your degree, get established in your career, spend some time traveling, you may be well into your 30s. If you have not been blessed to have found a mate, you are in a precarious situation. Medical literature suggests a woman's fertility starts declining at age 35. But fertility is unique to each woman's body. At 36, the hormones regulating egg production in my ovaries is well above of "acceptable" ranges. I have not been diagnosed as medically infertile, but my chances of becoming pregnant are significantly more difficult. The fact that I have not been blessed yet to meet my mate has made a difficult situation that much more challenging.

Obviously, each couple has to determine the best time for them to begin a family. However, delayed childbearing can have its perils. Often, you won't know if you will face difficulties until you start trying to conceive. Something to think about..

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