Behind The Scenes of "The Muppets"

Are you excited about the return of the Muppets? If so, you might be a 30- or 40-something with small children. We're told a good bit of nostalgia is going into the new movie "The Muppets" which is filming in Los Angeles. The plot involves all of the characters living in different parts of the world. But, as the story goes, they'll need to get back together to save their old television show. Here are some pictures from the set.

What do you think? Are you planning to take your kids to see it? Or maybe just yourself?

Photos courtesy of OnLocationVacations


Dave said...

My wife has always been a fan of the muppets... especially "A Muppets Christmas"... I can't wait for this one to come out. I'm sure I will take my 3 little ones (7,6,3) to a matinee of it here locally.

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David Patterson
Nurture Center Consultant
Father of 4 children

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