Brightening Your Child's Room: WallCandy Arts

Have you been looking for ways to brighten your child's play area or bedroom? Or an easy way to turn a nursery into a big kid's room? There are lots of ways to do it. But in our house, we recently discovered wall decals. In the last few months, we've used them to turn my toddler's room into a fun place where he enjoys spending time playing and sleeping. Over the last two years, we had let Mommy-and-Daddy's room become Romper Room. But for just a few dollars were were able to use wall decals to add a lot of color to his room and take ours back. And since the decals are removable, you can change your mind and create a new design when you're ready. (We haven't tried that ourselves yet, since we're still happy with our first set-up.) Here are some adorable ideas from our friends at WallCandy Arts

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