Jill Scott: Baby on the Way

Just a few months ago, we let you know that singer Jill Scott was engaged to her drummer Lil John Roberts. Now it appears that in addition to a wedding, the Grammy winner has another blessed event in her future: The birth of her first child. That's right, Jilly from Philly is reportedly due on April 25th. Celebrity Babies reports that she spent her first trimester filming HBO's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency in Botswana.


aflacga said...

O' my goodness, now she'll really be singing more and more about cooking scrambled eggs, ham, and all sorts of breakfast in the mornings, lol.

I'm happy for her though, she's a beautiful lady. Good post.

Nice blog ;-)

humpsNbump said...

Great news for Jill. Not only is she a great artist, I have always thought that it would be great to just hang with her. Sure she will be a fantastic mom.

~ humps

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