Teaching children about the democratic process

With all the excitement of the last week, it's easy to let one important thing get lost in the shuffle: The decisions we make now will greatly impact, not only our futures, but the future of our children.
Many voters made their children a part of last Tuesday's election, by taking them to the polls and teaching them about the importance of voting. So tell us, what do you do to teach your children about the process and the importance of civic responsibility? All tips and views are entirely welcome!

One of the things we do in our home is to play music and videos about topics we've been talking about. Of course, being a child of the seventies, I couldn't help but pull out the old School House Rock VHS tapes. (Those still work? Yes, they do!) Although we were playing those catchy vignettes for my son, I was the one who belted out every word to "I'm Just a Bill" and "Suffering 'Til Suffrage".


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