J. Blossom Review - It's Grrrrape!

-by Erica

My family is very much into natural, gentle products because of a history of allergies and other ailments. So I was thrilled to be contacted by the owner of a bath and body company called J. Blossom, which makes products with natural ingredients, including shea butter, lavender, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E.

Jamila White started J. Blossom and Co. over a year ago in Bowie, Maryland. Her company offers all-natural bath and body products for girls. Each product is stamped with the picture of an adorable little girl and an affirmation about loving the skin you're in.
Jamila was kind enough to send us samples of the a package of products to try out. Even though the items were originally meant for little girls, I used the grape shower gel on my 2-year-old SON who didn't seem to mind at all. And he really liked the bath sponge that came with it. The scent was very subtle and the gel seemed to be gentle on his skin. The next day we both used the grape lip balm. I also took the body lotion to work, where I slathered it on throughout the day.
Although WE went wild for the grape scent, I have no doubt the others are just as wonderful. Take a look at the J. Blossom website to check out more bath and body treasures.


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